Public Works Department

The Public Works Department has 6 internal divisions: Engineering, GIS, Utilities (water, sewer, storm sewer), Parks and Forestry, Fleet Maintenance, and Streets Operations. Geoff Farr, the Director of Public Works, is a professional engineer (PE) and oversees all 6 divisions, which includes 24 full-time employees, including 3 professional engineers, and 1 administrative assistant.
Village of Howard Public Works Sign
  1. Engineering Services

    The village's Engineering Services consist of surveying, road design, utility design, sidewalk design, oversight of all construction projects, and local storm water management.

  2. GIS

    The GIS Division is responsible for all mapping and locating of the village's entire infrastructure which includes sewers, water, storm sewer, street lights, street trees, and all street signs.

  3. Parks & Forestry

    The Parks and Forestry Division is responsible for the operations and maintenance of 19 parks and parkways in Howard.

  4. Street Operations

    The Street Operations Division is responsible for refuse collection, recycling, road maintenance, building maintenance, street lights, ditching, brush chipping, leaf collection, snow plowing, and salting.

  5. Utilities

    The Utilities Division include water, sewer, and storm sewer, and is responsible for maintaining the entire infrastructure, responding to emergencies, locating facilities for diggers hotline, and following all the Department of Natural Resources requirements to provide safe drinking water for the community.

  6. Fleet Maintenance

    The Fleet Maintenance Division is responsible for all equipment the village owns which includes, Fire Department, Police Department, Street Department, Utility Department, Park and Forestry Maintenance, and Administrative equipment.

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