Sewer & Water


Routine sewer and water system repairs and maintenance are performed by Sewer and Water Department employees. Some major repairs, reconstruction, and new installations are generally performed by contractors (not village employees).

Water quality reports are maintained in this department. Paper copies of the water quality reports are available upon request.

Please note that Utility Billing is handled by the Administrative Services Department. For more information about sanitary sewer, water, and storm water rates and bill payment information, visit the Utility Billing page.

Water Quality Reports

Zone A:  Apr 6
Zone B:  Apr 6
Zone C:  Apr 7
Zone D:  Apr 7
Zone E:  Apr 8
Zone F:  Apr 9
Zone G: Apr 10
Zone H: Apr 13
Zone I:   Apr 14
Zone J:   Apr 15
Zone K:  Apr 15
Zone L:  Apr 15
Zone M: Apr 16
Zone N: Apr 17
Zone O: Apr 20
Zone P: Apr 20

Updated: Monday April 20, 2020 3:30pm

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