Measuring Performance
The village's comprehensive performance measurement effort, created in 2007, is entitled VillageTrack. VillageTrack uses custom performance measuring and benchmarking tools, in conjunction with the ICMA Center for Performance Measurement, to assist in identifying if current programs are being operated efficiently and effectively.

A key responsibility of the Village of Howard government is to develop and manage programs, services, and their related resources as efficiently and effectively as possible and to communicate the results of these efforts to the stakeholders - our citizens and businesses. Performance measurement when linked to the budget and strategic planning process can assess accomplishments on an organization-wide basis.

To assist with emphasizing the importance of performance measurements organizationally, the village administrator has instituted Quarterly Employee Performance Management Luncheons to articulate results and to share success stories.

Why Use Performance Measurement?
  • Building performance measures into our budget process
  • Integrating performance measures into our performance appraisals
  • Linking performance measures to specific goals within our strategic plan
  • Sharing performance results frequently, while identifying performance successes