Howard Commons Biergarten

Discover the ultimate destination for local craft brews and wine at the HOWARD COMMONS Biergarten. Unwind in a welcoming atmosphere with open-style seating. Savor the taste of handcrafted brews and wine served in reusable glassware, reducing waste while earning discounts on refills when you return with your glass. Cheers!

Indulge in the best of local brews and wines at our outdoor Biergarten. With 10 beers on tap from nearby breweries and 10 wines from area wineries, we're passionate about supporting small businesses and promoting their craft. 

Our seasonal rotation ensures a fresh and exciting experience every visit—come savor the flavors of our community and let us be your go-to destination for a taste of local excellence!

Biergarten Hours of Operation (Fall 2023):

  • Thursday 4-9 PM
  • Friday 4-9 PM    
  • Saturday 12-9 PM
  • Sunday 12-5 PM
  • (Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays)

View Our Beer and Wine Menus

Non-Alcoholic Options Available. Want to visit with friends and soak up the vibe with a non-alcoholic beverage?  We have you covered.  The Biergarten will have a variety of options to meet your needs.

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